Business is a series of evolutions. Discover how to evolve your business to stay relevant in the hearts and minds of the people you serve.

What is the next evolution of your business?

In business, we can't solve tomorrow's problems with today's thinking.

Change is happening at a frightening pace. If you don't like change, you are going to like irrelevance even less. Consumers needs and expectations are evolving at a rapid rate.

Discover how to evolve your business to stay relevant in the hearts and minds of your consumers.

Presented by CEO & Founder of Circle Leadership Global, Dave Clare

We are in the most uncertain of times. This is the best time...

The reason businesses lose relevance, go broke or fade into the sunset is because they continue to grow, but they don't evolve. They rely on the wrong questions and old answers. Even modern marketing practices and strategies won't save a business that isn't evolving. They focus solely on making money ahead of or instead of purpose. They end up becoming irrelevant to their customers. They haven't focused on what matters most. They haven't evolved.

They continue to be the same, do the same and sell the same in an ever changing market. Stop wasting time and money on unprofitable marketing strategies built on yesterday's business. When you know who you need to become to stay relevant in the hearts and minds of the people you choose to serve, learn how to market to that. 

Your Next Evolution Starts July 22nd in Perth:



Make no mistake, this summit is a working event. You will be taken on a journey to understand WHY we need to continue to evolve, and HOW TO do it. You will be given the time to work through the tools, resources, and road-maps to continue to evolve your business, and as a leader.

"A fantastic summit! So much value, guidance and clarity from you."

"Many thanks for a great and inspiring event. You guys made a great team and I really appreciated how many ideas and experiences you shared with the group! Loved it!"

"Wow Dave!! I have so many notes from so much valuable information. I am running back over it all to help review my current goals and formulate a 90 day action plan. Thoroughly impressed by the presentations. Thank you for putting this all together"

"What can I say. Having the time with like minded people is an extremely positive outcome. A good investment for any one needing help with cultural shift and clear direction and accountability for YOU and your team. It starts with YOU and your belief and courage for change. Over all a great day. To any one considering this, it’s not only for you, but your team to be unified in a shift, of any nature."


There are four key questions every business must be able to answer. We will work together through each one to build your the Leadership Framework© for your business. You will also learn how to use each one to build an invincible culture and unleash innovation from within. In today's competitive business world, the winner is the business that out-behaves their competitors. 


Every business model has a shelf life. Has yours expired and you just don't know it yet? You will learn how to build a Model Business that can have multiple business models over it's lifespan. We will work together to start the beginning of your own Model Business Canvas©. You will learn how to hack culture and strategy to build a business that is radically customer-centric, radically transparent and allows for rapid implementation.


All the greatest plans in the world won't be realised without flawless execution with speed. Execution requires four things. Focus, Accountability, Simplicity and Transparency. We will work together to map out a draft to execute your plan. We will reverse engineer the next evolution of your business from three years, to one year and then down to the NEXT90© days. Imagine being able to run your business by only having to worry about what needs to be accomplished in the NEXT90© days, knowing it has been reversed engineered from your MISSION with all the DNA of your business in the plan?

What Do You Get for Your Investment of Time?

  • Full workbook covering all content for the day
  • Uncover clarity on your purpose, values, vision, and mission
  • Full Model Business Canvas© template to complete
  • Full NEXT90© planning chart  to complete
  • Clarity on your genuine unique selling proposition
  • Dave's Book - SIMPLIFIED: Leadership Is Simple. You Lead People.
  • All the coffee and tea you need and a light lunch to get you through the day!

Keynote Speakers and Session Facilitators

Dave Clare

Evolve Your Business to Stay Relevant
Learn to hack culture and strategy, and execute on it to keep your business relevant by focusing on what matters.

Annette Lackovic

Play A Bigger Game With Certainty
Annette will pull the curtains back on what makes us tick and why the closer we get to success the more we unconsciously sabotage it.

Petar Lackovic

Conversations That Convert
Petar will share with you how to create a buying mindset in your customer, not a selling mindset in your team.

Shil Shanghavi

Our MC

Shil is the Founder of Chatterbox Public Speaking. He is a thought leader in the world of public speaking



The information you will be exposed to is already being used by Businesses we have worked with across Australia

The ultimate rack of tools for any business owner that wants to build a leadership framework. From the initial engagement process with the team through to the feedback sessions for management this process delivers results. All of that plus the tool kits to create an alignment of culture and strategy.

Todd West

CEO of GlassCo WA

We had struggled with defining our Values, Vision and Mission into something that was simple, clear and something the whole team could buy into. The approach that Dave uses enabled the whole team to understand how it all fits together and they really allowed the team to get complete buy into it all.

Justin Bourn

CEO & Founder, Blank Canvas

Dave is a corporate entity's best-kept secret. I recommend companies absorb his content in any way they can. In uncertain times there is a great opportunity. To tackle these things people must understand themselves and each other. This is where Dave goes to work!

Levi Saunders

CEO, Digital Hitmen

Hear What Other Experts Have To Say.

Australia's leading authority on performance excellence, Peter Thurin, knows what it takes to evolve as a leader and the importance of staying relevant in business.

100% Money Back Guarantee

We're extremely confident in our content, tools and resources offered to you at the 2019 Business Evolution Summit.
If you believe you didn't get value for your time and money invested to attend, and don't have a clear understanding of how to hack culture and strategy to evolve your business, your ticket investment will be refunded, no questions asked. If you are not happy with the summit content, or you don't feel it is for you, simply email us to get the entire cost of the event refunded.
You can even keep the copy of Dave's book SIMPLIFIED you received as a gift.

Are You Ready to Evolve Yourself and Your Business?


All attendees will receive a copy of the book that makes leadership simple.

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